Announcing our 2017 Agent Guest of Honour

Continuing our tradition of bringing New York publishing to meet Ottawa, Can*Con 2017 is delighted to announce that Kim-Mei Kirtland, a new agent at the Howard Morhaim Agency in Brooklyn, will be our Agent Guest of Honour. This is the second year that we’ve flown an Agent Guest of Honour to Ottawa, because we believe it is invaluable for Ottawa writers to meet agents, and to hear directly from them how traditional publishing works.

Ms. Kirtland is looking for clients, and some time will be set aside for her to hear pitches, so we advice those who are interested to sign up for her kaffeeklatch and attend her panels, and then maybe say hi in a more relaxed setting at one of the evening receptions.

And it’s also invaluable to study what Ms. Kirtland represents, so we recommend taking the time to read some of the authors she names (a quick google scan will find you some short fiction by those authors in podcasts). If you like what she likes, that’s a good sign. If not, you can still ask questions about the business.

If you don’t have a novel ready, but you think what you write would be a good fit, you can also ask for her card and submit when your novel has been edited and polished to perfection 🙂

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Kim-Mei KirtlandKim-Mei Kirtland joined the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency in 2013. She is a lifelong reader of science fiction and fantasy, particularly hard science fiction in the vein of Greg Egan and Peter Watts, and is actively looking for fiction in those genres. Other areas of interest to her include literary fiction and serious nonfiction, particularly in the areas of history, biography, business, and economics. She lives in New York with a slowly growing collection of houseplants.

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