Can-Con – The Campaign!

We decided to try something a little different this year, a sort of in convention game. Can-Con is now not only a convention, but an RPG Game! Your name badges are now character sheets. There will be stations with dice so that you can roll up your character. And even a couple of monsters to fight!  Who will gain the most experience points and find the best loot?

Can-Con 2016 badge preview

Can-Con 2016 name badge character sheet

Can-Con 2016 Adventure Campaign – Rules

Character Creation

Write your name and pronoun of choice.

Write in your class, if not already filled in (based on your registration): Attendee, Panelist, Vendor, Special Guest, Guest of Honour, returning Guest of Honour. You can be a dual class (ex: Vendor & Panelist).

Your Level is equal to the number of years you have attended Can-Con. If this is your first year, you are a level One.

To find your Health Points, add your Constitution Score and your Level.

To find your basic Defence Score, add your Dexterity and your Level

DMs (Co-Chairs) add +10 to their Health Points and Defence. Guests of Honour and returning GoHs add +5 to their Health and Defence.

To find your ability scores, roll a d20 once for each. If you have any of the following traits, add +1 to your roll for that ability. Dice are available at stations around the convention. Please leave the dice there for all to use.

  • Scientist/Writer: add +1 to Intelligence roll (Int)
  • Martial Artist: add +1 to Strength roll (Str)
  • Editor: add +1 to Wisdom roll (Wis)
  • Paper Airplane Maker/Flyer: add +1 to Dexterity roll (Dex)
  • Reader: add +1 to Constitution roll (Con)
  • Panelist/Guest: add +1 to Charisma roll (Cha)

Growing your character through the convention.

Whenever you make a purchase in the dealer’s room, you will be given a random piece of paper containing:

  • +1 to any Skill (these can be added to any of your skills, such as diplomacy, leadership and knowledge), OR
  • A piece of equipment (armour, sword, shield, etc) that adds a bonus to your Defence or Attack


You gain experience each time you fully complete one of the following activities:

  • Attend a panel = 20 points
  • Attend a reading = 50 points
  • Get a book signed by author/editor = 40 points
  • Visit the Exhibitor’s Room = 50 points per day, max 150
  • Attend a book launch = 75 points
  • Meet someone new = 10 points
  • Defeat Boss Monster = 25 points

You can exchange 100 XP for an additional +1 to one of your existing pieces of equipment (ex: making a +2 plate armour to a +3)


You must gain a minimum of 100 experience points to begin challenging Boss Monsters to fight. There are three Boss Monsters (con-comm: Nicole Lavigne, Brandon Crilly & Evan May) and one Final Boss (Can-Con Co-Founder Farrell McGovern). You can challenge each Boss Monster only once per day. You cannot challenge Boss Monsters during panels or if they are on their way to a panel/event (they’ll let you know and ask you to see them later).

To fight, Boss Monster and Challenger both roll a d20 (Boss Monsters will have dice, or you can visit the character creation station). Add your roll and your total attack bonuses from equipment and compare to your opponent’s total defence (basic defence + equipment). If your total attack is higher than your opponent’s total defence, you hit. If only one person succeeds in their attack, they win. If both attack successfully, subtract your opponent’s total defence from your total attack to find how much you each succeed by. The one who succeeds by a higher value wins the fights. If you tie, you survived the encounter but failed to defeat the Boss Monster. If you lost the battle, attend a panel, reading, book launch or visit the dealer’s room to heal before you challenge a different Boss Monster. If you defeat the Boss Monster you gain 25 XP and will be given one random treasure.

Combat Example: Boss Monster has a basic defence of 15 and +5. You roll an attack of 19 and add +2 (sword) for a total of 21 and succeed by 1. The Boss Monster rolls a 17 with a +5 for an attack of 22, your basic defence is a 15 with a +1 (armour) for a total of 16. The Boss Monster succeeds in attack by 6. The Boss Monster wins.

skills preview

Skills Sheet

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  1. Brandon Crilly I am coming for you 😉

  2. Bring it, Lisa! Check out my profile pic on Twitter/Facebook to see exactly what you’re up against 🙂

  3. I shall slaughter All The Things!

  4. You shall try, Mr. Gander.

  5. 2017 will be my first year, this looks very cool, will it be doen again this year?

  6. Hi Scott. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your first year.

    And thanks. I’m working on some modifications based on feedback received last year but we will be running a version of this again.

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