Here are some of this year’s guests. If you have been contacted by our programming team to be on panels and have not send us your bio yet, please do so with our Panelist Information Form. (Please note that we are busy working on panel ideas and posting updates to the site so this is not yet a comprehensive list.)

Beverly BamburyBeverly Bambury is a publicist and DIY publicity coach for authors and comic creators. Twitter: @beverlybambury
andrew bartonAndrew Barton is a Toronto author who is not any kind of scientist or engineer, but keeps writing hard-ish science fiction regardless. He’s been a slush reader for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine since 2008, and his stories have appeared in Analog, On Spec, Perihelion, and the Bundoran Press anthologies STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, SECOND CONTACTS, and LAZARUS RISEN. Twitter: @ActsofAndrewB
Anatoly BelilovskyAnatoly Belilovsky is a Russian-American author and translator of speculative fiction. He was born in a city that went through six or seven owners in the last century, all of whom used it to do a lot more than drive to church on Sundays; he is old enough to remember tanks rolling through it on their way to Czechoslovakia in 1968. After being traded to the US for a shipload of grain and a defector to be named later (see Wikipedia, Jackson-Vanik amendment), he learned English from Star Trek reruns and went on to become a paediatrician in an area of New York where English is only the fourth most commonly used language. His original work appeared or will appear in the Unidentified Funny Objects anthology, Ideomancer, Nature Futures, Daily SF, Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk, and Genius Loci anthology, and has been podcast by Cast of Wonders, Podcastle, and Toasted Cake; his translations from Russian have sold to F&SF, Year’s Best SF #32 (edited by Gardner Dozois,) Podcastle, Grimdark, and Kasma. He blogs about writing at
Version 3Bronwyn Bjorkman has been a fan of speculative fiction more or less since she learned to read. Despite growing up dreaming of being an author, she eventually discovered that she’s happier as a reader than as a writer—though by becoming an academic instead, she still ended up writing for a living. Bronwyn is currently an assistant professor of linguistics at Queen’s University, and is also a member of the organizing committee for WisCon, a feminst SFF covention held annually in Madison, WI. Twitter: @bronwynmoore
Dylan Blacquiere is a stroke neurologist with Horizon Health Network in Saint John, New Brunswick, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine with Dalhousie Medical School (New Brunswick). He has been writing professionally and personally for many years, most recently published with Mary Pletch in Tesseracts 19: Superhero Universe.
Leah BobetLeah Bobet is a novelist, editor, and bookseller with Bakka-Phoenix Books, Canada’s oldest science fiction bookstore. Her debut novel, Above, was short-listed for the Prix Aurora Award and the Andre Norton Award and commended by the CCBCs Best Books for Kids and Teens; her second, An Inheritance of Ashes, is an Ontario Library Association 2015 Best Bets selection and has been shortlisted for the Canadian Library Young Adult Book Award, the Aurora Award, the Cybils Awards, and the Sunburst Award.
She lives and works in Toronto, where she dabbles in urban canning, knitting, and game design. Visit her at
ArielBoltonAriel Bolton‘s stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Online and the anthology Myriad Lands. Her career so far has involved the typical preparations for becoming a writer. She’s been an equestrian trail guide at a tourist ranch, an aide to politicians, a PhD student in medieval history, and the curator of a historic collection of torture implements.
Jack BriglioJack Briglio is the writer of the Eisner-nominated fantasy adventure series Growing Up Enchanted, published through Markosia in 2010 & 2011. Previously, Jack has also worked on Scooby-Doo and Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century for DC Comics; for IDW, The Adventures of Digger & Friends; and Sesame Street Comics for Sesame Street Workshop. Currently, Jack is working on Dominion Jack, a serial in Canadian superhero anthology series True Patriot, and other cool things at ChapterHouse Comics.  Twitter: @Jackbriglio
KT BryskiKT Bryski is a Canadian author and podcaster. She has stories in Black Treacle Horror Magazine, When the Hero Comes Home Vol. II, and Tales from the Archives. Her hilariously horrific audio drama Coxwood History Fun Cast can be downloaded wherever fine podcasts are found. In 2016, she received funding from the Ontario Arts Council to create an audio drama based on Canadian folklore: Six Stories, Told at Night.
She also has a mild caffeine addiction. Visit her at Twitter:@ktbryski
Erik BuchanonErik Buchanan is the author of the Small Magics, Cold Magics and True Magics published by Dragon Moon Press. He is also a fight director, actor, ghostwriter, communications consultant, black belt and a parent. Erik writings include short stories, film scripts, web series and more than 300 articles. He has acted on stage, TV and film, and has directed fights for more than 50 productions. His website is and he invites everyone to come visit. Twitter: @erik_buchanan
nathan-burgoine‘Nathan Burgoine grew up a reader and studied literature in university while making a living as a bookseller. He has had dozens of short stories and nonfiction pieces published, including a story in This is How You Die (the second Machine of Death anthology). Nathan’s first novel, Light, was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, and his second novel, Triad Blood, will be releasing this May. He lives in Ottawa, Canada with his husband Daniel and their rescued husky, Coach. Twitter: @NathanBurgoine
Agnes CadieuxAgnes Cadieux is a writer, a student (UOttawa), and most importantly, a microbiology and phytochemistry wizard. She enjoys long hours in the research lab and bleary-eyed nights in front of a computer, hammering out some weird and wonderful prose. Her writing credits include stories published by On Spec magazine, Bundoran Press’ Blood and Water Anthology, Aurora Wolf literary journal, and many non-fiction articles to local newspapers and ezines.
S.M. Carrière had her start in self-publishing she, at the urging of a friend, she collected some short stories and poems and published her first book in 2011. S.M. Carrière has released one publication a year since. In addition to writing, she also trains Kung Fu and Chinese Kickboxing with Wutan Canada, has a fairly impressive collection of weapons, she games, paints, hosts a Youtube channel, and, weather permitting, practices equestrian archery. No rest, after all, for the wicked. Twitter: @SMCarriere
Timothy CarterTimothy Carter is a writer of far-fetched fiction for young adults and the young at heart (and mind). There are some who call him… Tim. Born in England during the week of the final lunar mission, he has a great love of outer space and tea. Timothy is the author of Evil?, Section K, The Cupid War, The Five Demons You Meet In Hell, and Apoca-Lynn. He lives and writes in Toronto. Twitter:@TimothyCarterAu
Kaitlin CaulKaitlin Caul is an aspiring author living and working out of Gatineau, Quebec. She has a few short stories published and a manuscript making the rounds. Come November, she is better known as one of the four heads that makes up the terrifying beast known as the NaNoWriMo Ottawa Region ML. Twitter:@MystiCaul
Benoit ChartierBenoit Chartier lives in the NCR. He spent most of his life in Manitoba, with stints in various other Canadian locales. He resided in Japan for a year and a half, where he came up with most of the projects he is working on now. His first book, The Calumnist Malefesto and Other Improbable Yarns, is a collection of twelve short stories in sci-fi/speculative fiction genre. His second book, Red Nexus, is a cyberpunk story taking place in future Tokyo. He is married and has one child. Twitter:@chartier_benoit
Suzanne ChurchSuzanne Church grew up in Toronto, moved to Waterloo to pursue mathematics, and never left town. Her award-winning fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Cicada, and her 2014 collection Elements. Soul Larcenist, book one in the Dagger of Sacrados trilogy, a Hellmaw book from The Ed Greenwood Group, is available from Twitter: @ canadiansuzanne
Gillian ClintonGillian Clinton is an interdisciplinary engineer, information researcher, reference librarian and amateur astronomer. She is able to assimilate information and share it effectively with others: Resistance is futile! Gillian has been attending cons since her high school science fiction club dragged her to the first Toronto Star Trek convention held many, many years ago. One day she hopes to have time to read all the books she has collected and look through her telescope on a clear night. Twitter:@clintonresearch
Brandon CrillyAn Ottawa teacher by day, Brandon Crilly has been published in On Spec, Nonlocal Science Fiction, Solarpunk Press and other markets. He was a Semi-Finalist in the 4th quarter of Writers of the Future 32. You can find Brandon at or on Twitter: @B_Crilly.
Jonathan CroweJonathan Crowe’s fanzine Ecdysis is a two-time Aurora finalist. He reviews books for AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review and has published essays in The New York Review of Science Fiction and the Ottawa Citizen. In January 2016 he brought back his popular blog The Map Room after a four-year hiatus. Jonathan lives in Shawville, Quebec, with his wife, Jennifer Seely, their three cats, and an uncomfortable number of snakes. Twitter: @mcwetboy
Karen Dales, native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the award author of The Chosen Chronicles, which includes Changeling, Angel of Death, Shadow of Death and Thanatos. When not working on the next installment of The Chosen Chronicles, she works as the Managing Editor for Dark Dragon Publishing, and teaches creative writing for the City of Toronto. Karen, her son and husband are owned by four cats who allow their humans to continue to pay for and support their cushy lifestyles in Toronto. Twitter:@karendales
Fanny V. Darling lives & writes in a small town in Northern California. Her brain is the place where large amounts of useful/useless (depending who you ask) pop culture knowledge goes to…well, not die, she guesses. She’s the author of a novel, SHIFTY, published in April by Dragon Moon Press. She is the mother of a teenager. Short writing wise – She is proudest of her chapter in THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITING FOR YOUNG ADULTS as it combines her love of YA fiction, writing it, and being a parent. Twitter: @FannyVDarling
Éric Desmarais has had an eclectic career which ranges from casino dealer to canal boat captain to radio station DJ. Since 2009, he’s worked as a layout artist and desktop publisher for the federal government. During his off time he works as a freelance layout artist for various Canadian-based authors and publishers, roasts gourmet flavoured coffee, runs several pen-and-paper role-playing games, writes, and helps run (Home of the He lives in Ottawa, Ontario with his wife. They are expecting their first child in September 2016. Visit him at
Anita DolmanAnita Dolman is a poet, short fiction writer, and editor. Her short fiction most recently appeared in the speculative fiction anthology Triangulation: Lost Voices and in On Spec: the Canadian magazine of the fantastic. Her poetry has recently appeared in Matrix Magazine, Ottawater, Bywords and the mini-chapbook Glass Studio. Dolman was a finalist for the 2015 Alberta Magazine Awards for fiction, and is a contributing editor for Arc Poetry Magazine. Goodreads Twitter: @ajdolman
Lesley DonaldsonLesley Donaldson writes books and save lives. Her debut fantasy is “The Queen’s Viper,” set in Elizabethan and modern London, with a grimdark spin on UK folklore. She throws axes for fun, and a vampiric unicorn who farts rainbows inhabits her soul. She’s also a proud mum to a former super-preemie with special needs, an often companionable wife, Canadian registered nurse, traveler and hobby medievalist. Twitter: @BornAgainWriter
Susan Forest 2Three-time Aurora finalist, Susan Forest writes SF, fantasy and horror, and is a freelance fiction editor. Her stories have appeared in Asimov’s, Analog, Tesseracts, AE SF Review, OnSPEC, and her collection, Immunity to Strange Tales. Susan has judged the Endeavour Award, and she contributes to Calgary’s literary festival, When Words Collide. She is also Secretary for SFWA, teaches creative writing at the Alexandra Centre and has appeared at many local and international writing conventions. Twitter: @susanjforest
Caroline FrechetteCaroline Fréchette is originally from Montreal, but has been living in the Ottawa/Gatineau region since 2004. She is a sequential artist and author. She has published several short stories, both sequential and traditional, as well as two graphic novels, five novels and one non-fiction book about writer’s block. She was the editor and director for the French Canadian literary magazine Histoires à boire debout. Twitter: @CaroFrechette1
geoff-ganderPrior to writing fiction, Geoff Gander was heavily involved in the roleplaying community. His first short novel, The Tunnelers, was published in 2011 by Solstice Publishing. He has since been published by Metahuman Press, AE SciFi, Exile Editions, McGraw-Hill, and Expeditious Retreat Press. Geoff is currently crafting games and stories as a member of the Sessorium of Creatives, the exclusive creative community of The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG). He divides his time between Ottawa and South Mountain, where a lovely stone-carving, bagpipe-playing witch resides with her many cats.
James Alan Gardner got his B.Math and M.Math in Applied Mathematics, then began writing instead. He has published eight novels and numerous short stories, in places like Asimov’s, Amazing, and He’s won the Aurora Award, the Asimov’s Readers Choice Award, and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and has been a finalist for both the Nebula and the Hugo. His next novel comes out from Tor in June 2017. Twitter: @jamesagard
CostiGurguCosti Gurgu’s fiction has appeared in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has sold 3 books and over 50 stories for which he has won 24 awards. His latest sales include the anthologies Ages of Wonder, Tesseracts 17, The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk, Dark Horizons and Street Magick. His story Cosmobotica is a finalist for Aurora Awards. His novel RecipeArium will come out from White Cat Publications. To find out more about Costi Gurgu visit and Twitter: @CostiGurgu
Katrina Guy spent most of 2 decades working in museums, heritage sites, cemeteries, archaeological sites and paleontological sites in 3 Canadian provinces. She has developed a career as a municipal heritage planner, conserving the past for the future. Katrina is also an avid reader, from Science Fiction and Fantasy to Romance, Mystery and Literary fiction, and loves seeing how the past is interpreted and used across the different genres.
Peter HalaszAmong other things, since 1993 Peter Halasz has served on the BoD of the Friends of the Merril, chaired the National SF&F Foundation, helped found the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the fantastic, contributed to the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers volume of the Dictionary of Literary Biography, was published in the New York Review of Science Fiction, served on the BoD of World Fantasy, chaired WFC 2012, and won an Aurora Award.
Kate Heartfield Kate Heartfield is a writer and editor in Ottawa, Canada. Her Shakespearean fantasy novella, The Course of True Love, is part of the recent Monstrous Little Voices collection from Abaddon Books. The 2016 steampunk anthology Clockwork Canada from Exile Editions contains her story “The Seven O’Clock Man.” Her fiction has appeared in places such as Strange Horizons, Escape Pod, On Spec, Lackington’s and Daily Science Fiction. Her agent is Jennie Goloboy. Twitter: @kateheartfield
Cathy Hird is a shepherd, a United Church minister and a farmer. She has two YA novels set in Ancient Greece and published by Prizm Books: Moon of the Goddess and Before the New Moon Rises. She writes short stories and a weekly column for an on-line news magazine. When she can get outside, she skies, kayaks, and works in the garden. Twitter: @cathyhirdwriter
Ada Hoffmann is an autistic graduate student in computer science from southern Ontario. She’s been publishing her short speculative fiction and poetry since 2010, with work appearing in markets such as Strange Horizons, Shimmer, and AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, and reprinted in the Imaginarium years-best series. When not hard at work writing or studying, she likes to LARP, play tabletop roleplaying games, sing, and play with her cat named Ninja. Twitter: @xasymptote
K. V. JohansenK.V. Johansen is the author of four epic fantasies published by Pyr, including the Sunburst-shortlisted Blackdog and the just-released Gods of Nabban; she has also written numerous books for children and teens and two books of literary criticism on the history of children’s fantasy. Kris has an M.A. in Medieval Studies and in 2014 was an instructor at the Science Fiction Foundation’s Masterclass in Literary Criticism held in London. Twitter: @kvjohansen
Matthew-Johnson-photoMatthew Johnson lives in Ottawa with his wife Megan and their two sons. He is a member of the SFWA Board of Directors and his most recent book is the short story collection Irregular Verbs and Other Stories from CZP. In his other life he is Director of Education for MediaSmarts, Canada’s centre for digital and media literacy, for whom he designs educational resources, writes articles, does media interviews and occasionally performs pirate voices. Twitter: @irregularverbal
Talia JohnsonTalia Johnson is a woman who is also trans. She has been reading science fiction, speculative fiction and fantasy since she learned to read. She is an activist and educator with diverse interests and an eclectic range of knowledge. She is currently working on getting pieces of paper to satisfy the requirements of credentialism in early 21st century society. Her super power is The Voice. Twitter: @taliacjohnson
Chris KelworthChris Kelworth lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He has been writing science fiction and fantasy stories with increasing diligence for the past twenty-five years, and has had one story published on the Gallery of Curiosities podcast. Chris is a graduate of the Odyssey, Taos Toolbox, and Young Gunns workshops. He works in Burlington as a computer software developer under an assumed name. Twitter:@ChrisKelworth
Nicole LavigneNicole Lavigne writes fantasy and science-fiction in Ottawa, Ontario. Her short fiction recently appeared in Second Contacts by Bundoran Press, and she is now working on her first novel for The Ed Greenwood Group. She is also a professional oral storyteller, Editorial Assistant for Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine and Co-Chair for the Ottawa ChiSeries. The rest of the time she daylights as a (mostly) mild-mannered government employee. Twitter: @nl_lavigne
Lucas K. Law is an editor and publisher at Laksa Media Groups. He co-edits “Strangers Among Us” and “The Sum of Us” with Susan Forest and “Where The Stars Rise” with Derwin Mak. He has been a jury member for a number of fiction competitions including Nebula and RITA awards. When Lucas is not editing, writing, or reading, he is a business consultant, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, business planning, and corporate development, and divides his time between Calgary and Qualicum Beach. Twitter: @laksamedia
Mark-LefebvreMark Leslie Lefebvre is a writer, editor & bookseller. With 25 years of industry experience, Mark now heads up Kobo’s self-publishing operations via Kobo Writing Life (, which makes it easy for indie authors & small publishers to publish their work to Kobo’s global catalog. Mark’s books include the non-fiction titles CREEPY CAPITAL, HAUNTED HAMILTON, SPOOKY SUDBURY & TOMES OF TERROR and the fiction titles ONE HAND SCREAMING, EVASION & A CANADIAN WEREWOLF IN NEW YORK. Twitter: @MarkLeslie
JC LewisJennifer Carole Lewis released her 2nd paranormal romance/urban fantasy novel, Metamorphosis, this year and with the 3rd, Inquistion, planned for Feb 2017. She is a full-time mom, has a full-time job and is a full-time writer which is at least two full-times too many but somehow still works out. She is a member of the Ottawa Romance Writers’ Association as well as a comic book geek and Marvel movie enthusiast. She enjoys all forms of speculative fiction and welcomes new suggestions. Twitter: @jclewisupdate
Lynne MacLeanLynne M MacLean writes dark and sometimes humorous contemporary fantasy. She’s had several pieces of short fiction and poetry published, including in On Spec Magazine, Stupefying Stories, Tesseracts Fifteen, and Horrific History, among others. With a PhD in Psychology, she has worked as a mental health practitioner & researcher. Currently a research consultant & married mother of two, she lives in Ottawa. Twitter: @LynneMacLean2
Evan MayEvan May is a writer of SFF and medieval historian living in Ottawa, Ontario. His first novel, ‘The King in Darkness’, was published by Renaissance Press in 2015, and the sequel, ‘Bonhomme Sept-Heures’ is forthcoming later this fall. When not writing down the strange things from his inside his head, Evan enjoys miniature wargaming and obsessing over John Carpenter films. Twitter: @GiantTourtiere
Kim McCarthyWhile living her public-servant-by-day writer-by-night life, Kim McCarthy has been responsible not only for her various novels but also for serving as a NaNoWriMo municipal liaison in Ottawa. As one of the NaNoWriMo community’s fearless leaders she works diligently to help Ottawa writers release the creative writer within every November. When not at her day job or slaving away at her writing, you can find her drinking tea while justifying spending silly amounts of money on her various collections.
Ryan McFaddenRyan T. McFadden is a fantasy and horror writer. He is a three-time winner of the Prix Aurora award for his short fiction. His first novel Cursed: Black Swan was published in 2015 through Dragon Moon Press (and officially launched last year at Can Con). His motley past involved such dangerous work as database administration, ice cream flavouring (seriously, that’s a thing), hockey league administration, screen printing, web design, furniture building, and home renovations. He lives in London with his two beautiful, but sometimes diabolical daughters.
Farrell McGovernFarrell McGovern entered Fandom in 1978, with Maplecon I, Ottawa’s first Science Fiction convention, and has worked on a many cons. With Jim Botte, he co-founded CAN-CON, seeking to restore the written word to its rightful place in Ottawa SF Fandom. He has built a computer operating system, and had articles published on the subject. Mark Dery’s Escape Velocity, quotes him, as well as a half dozen theses. A practising Druid, he represented Canada on the World leadership council of Ár nDraíocht Féin. Twitter: @Kallisti
Rati MehrotraRati Mehrotra is a struggling writer, a one-time economist and (she hopes) a successful mother. Her short stories have appeared in AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Apex Magazine, Abyss & Apex, Inscription Magazine, Clockwork Canada, and many more. Her debut novel, Markswoman, will be published in early 2018 by Harper Voyager. Twitter: @Rati_Mehrotra
Ottawa author James K. Moran’s fiction and poetry have appeared in various Canadian, American and British publications, including Glitterwolf, Icarus, On Spec and The Rolling Darkness Revue. Moran’s articles have appeared via CBC Radio, Daily Xtra and Rue Morgue. He blogs at Town & Train (Lethe Press, November 2014) is his debut horror novel. Twitter:@jkmoran
Sean Moreland is a writer, editor and scholar, much of whose work concerns the Gothic, the weird, and horror in its literary, cinematic and sequential art guises. He teaches at the University of Ottawa, including courses on horror fiction, comics and graphic novels, and literature and sexual identity. His poetry and short fiction has appeared in a number of periodicals, books, and websites including Lackington’s, Black Treacle, Acidic Fiction, and Dissections. Twitter: @OmNaes
Nina MunteanuNina Munteanu is an award-winning Canadian ecologist and novelist. In addition to eight published novels, she has authored short stories, articles and non-fiction books, which have been translated into several languages throughout the world. She is currently an editor of European zine Europa SF and Eagle Publishing House and writes for Amazing Stories. Nina teaches writing at George Brown College and the University of Toronto. Her latest book is “Water Is…” a scientific study and personal journey as limnologist, mother, teacher and environmentalist. Her bilingual story “The Way of Water / La natura dell’acqua” was recently published by Mincione Edizioni in Rome.
Brent-NicholsBrent Nichols is a Calgary-based steampunk, fantasy, and science fiction writer, book cover designer, bon vivant, and man about town. He likes good beer, bad puns, high adventure and low comedy. His military science fiction novel Stars Like Cold Fire was released in 2016 by Bundoran Press. Look for Brent’s other works wherever fine ebooks are sold or at See his book cover designs at
David Nickle is the author of several novels and numerous short stories—most recently collected in Knife Fight and Other Struggles. He is a past winner of the Bram Stoker Award, Aurora Award and Black Quill Award. He co-edited The Exile Book of Canadian Noir with Claude Lalumière, and Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond, with Madeline Ashby. He lives in Toronto, where he works as a journalist. Twitter: @bydavidnickle
Dominik Parisien 2Dominik Parisien is an editor, poet, and writer. He is the coeditor, along with Navah Wolfe, of The Starlit Wood and several other forthcoming anthologies for Saga Press, and the editor of Clockwork Canada. He was an editorial assistant to Ann and Jeff VanderMeer for various projects, including Weird Tales, The Time Traveler’s Almanac, Sisters of the Revolution and The Bestiary. His fiction and poetry have appeared in Uncanny Magazine, Strange Horizons, Imaginarium 2013, and other venues. Twitter: @domparisien
Mary Pletsch is a glider pilot, toy collector and graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada. She attended Superstars Writing Seminars in 2010 and has since published short stories and novellas in a variety of genres including science fiction, steampunk, fantasy and horror. She lives in New Brunswick with Dylan Blacquiere and their four cats. Visit her online at
Linda PoitevinLinda Poitevin is a writer possessed of both a light side and a dark one. On the dark side, she’s the author of the Grigori Legacy, an urban fantasy series featuring a hard-as-nails cop caught up in the war between Heaven and Hell, and in her lighter moments, she writes the sweet and funny Ever After contemporary romance series. Twitter: @lindapoitevin
PubCraftLogos_NOBCKThe Pub-Craft team helps authors increase their visibility and discoverability, build their brand and following, make more sales and reach new heights with the custom support they need. Pub-Craft’s mission is “Giving You More Time To Write.” Pub-Craft offers several services and excellent custom packages to assist individual authors and multi-author collaborations including virtual assistance, creative consulting, promotion planning and management, as well as proofreading and copyediting. The Pub-Craft team also provides emcee, hosting, and live marketing services for special events, and gives workshops and industry presentations specializing in branding, marketing, promotion tactics, and reader engagement. Laurie, Kate, and Marissa look forward to assisting you! Visit their romance branch at and check out their SF branch on Facebook at Twitter: @PubCraftTeam
KW Ramsey K.W. Ramsey is a pre-published writer living in the Niagara Region. He suffers through a tech-support day job and practices kendo to keep himself sane. Twitter: @kwramsey
Ranylt RichildisRanylt Richildis is a writer and editor based in Ottawa. Her short story, “Charlemagne and Florent,” was selected for “Imaginarium 4: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing,” introduced by Margaret Atwood. Ranylt is the founding editor of the Aurora-nominated Lackington’s Magazine, an online SFF quarterly devoted to stories told in less conventional language. Twitter:@ranylt or @lackingtons
Mike RimarMike Rimar has matured. He no longer writes witty bios with clever puns. He has stopped comparing his two daughters to pets, especially after the cease and desist order. He sees nothing funny about writing science fiction, fantasy, and some horror, although many of his stories might be considered humorous, and purposefully humorous, not this-is-so-bad-it’s-funny kind of humorous. If you want to learn more about Mike visit Seriously. Twitter:@MikeRimar
Robin RiopelleRobin Riopelle is an Ottawa writer with a west coast heart. She gravitates to stories about loss, treeplanting, genocide, and ghosts of all kinds. Her definition of history is wide: she currently works in museums, and has been a science writer, an English teacher, and an adoption reunion intermediary. She is currently working on her second novel; her first, Deadroads, is published by Night Shade Books.
Cheli RobichaudChelsi Robichaud is a 23-year-old graduate student living in Ottawa, Ontario. Her work has appeared in Transtion, The Copperfield Review, The Commonline Journal, and elsewhere. She is interested in writing about human rights, mental health issues, and LGBTQ+ issues. Recently, she has completed the first issue of a comic book entitled Iris, drawn by Cleber Lima Souza. Twitter: @chelsi_lynne
Ian RogersIan Rogers is the award-winning author of the dark fiction collection Every House Is Haunted. His novelette, “The House on Ashley Avenue,” was a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award and has been optioned for television by Universal Cable Productions. His work has been selected for The Best Horror of the Year and Imaginarium: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing.
Raeanne G RoyRaeanne Roy is a Canadian fiction author. She is a passionate martial artist, hobbyist musician and lover of geeky things. Originally from North Bay, Ontario, the youngest of three children, she now resides in Ottawa. She has been writing stories since age nine. She writes in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, romance, erotica and historical fiction. Many of her stories feature strong female protagonists. Twitter: @raeanne_roy
Robert RunteRobert Runté is Senior Editor at Five Rivers Publishing and freelances at As an academic, editor, reviewer, and organizer, Robert has been actively promoting Canadian SF for over 35 years. He has won three Aurora Awards for his SF criticism, and two of the novels he edited have been short-listed for the Auroras. His latest venture is Essential Edits, which he founded with three other members of Editors Canada.
Erik Scott de BieA 30-something writer, Erik Scott de Bie has published novels in the storied Forgotten Realms, his World of Ruin epic fantasy setting through Dragonmoon Press, as well as novels for Broken Eye Books and the Ed Greenwood Group. His short work has appeared in numerous anthologies and online, and he is the author of a multimedia superhero project called Justice/Vengeance. As a game designer, he has contributed to products from such companies as Wizards of the Coast and Privateer Press. Twitter: @erikscottdebie
Mark ShainblumMark Shainblum is the co-creator of the Northguard and Angloman comics series, has published science fiction in On Spec, and co-edited the Aurora Award-winning Arrowdreams: An Anthology of Alternate Canadas with John Dupuis in 1998 and Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen, with Claude Lalumière in 2016. Later in 2016, Chapterhouse Comics will be publishing a colour trade paperback collecting the entire run of Northguard. He lives in Ottawa with his wife Andrea and daughter Maya. Twitter:@MarkShainblum
Rebecca-Simkin 2With a lifelong love of works of fantasy (her first cats were named Pippin and Merry) and a creative bent to her nature, it seemed so natural that Rebecca Simkin would eventually want to write her own novels. She is currently working on a three book fantasy romance series. Rebecca works as a non-profit sector fundraiser. She volunteers on the administration of the Sunburst Awards for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. She currently lives in Toronto with her husband, daughter and no cats. Twitter: @DuskLavender
Madonna SkaffWith a degree in cell biology, Madona Skaff-Koren somehow eventually ended up working in mining research. Her scientific background inspires her SF stories and frequently sneaks into her mystery stories. The short story, First Impressions, published in The Whole She-Bang 2 (2014), was a finalist for the Arthur Ellis Award. Journey of a Thousand Steps, is her debut mystery novel. Visit her at And she’s always happy to make new friends, so find her on Facebook.
Laurie StewartLaurie Stewart worked at CRA for seven years, mostly in international tax. She now specializes in preparing tax returns for artists. She also helps with forming corporations and legal partnerships. Her first novel, A Test of Loyalty, was released in Dec 2015, and it’s sequel is due out this fall. She also has two cookbooks released, out of a planned series of six. Twitter: @LaurietheBard
Angela S StoneAngela S. Stone is a twenty something Registered Nurse living in Ottawa, Canada. Angela finds inspiration in real life personal events for her books, often writing about issues she’s experience in her life. She is a proud Canadian and an even prouder girl from back east. She thoroughly enjoys writing novels featuring character that live in or are from the Maritimes. She spends her free time advocating for minorities and persons with disabilities. Twitter: @AngelaSStone
Lisa TooheyLisa Toohey is a canadian short story author with several publications under her belt. As a scifi author Lisa is a big supporter of girls following their dreams into STEM fields which is why she is proud to be a contributing author to Brave New Girls, an anthology for which the proceeds go to a scholarship for the society of women engineers. Twitter: @lisaiswriting
Jean-Louis TrudelBorn in Toronto, the holder of degrees in physics, astronomy, and the history and philosophy of science, Jean-Louis Trudel has been writing and publishing since 1984. He is the author (alone or in collaboration with Yves Meynard as Laurent McAllister) of a trio of science fiction novels published in France, four fiction collections, and 26 young adult books published in Canada, as well as over a hundred short stories in French and English. When time allows, he also translates and reviews science fiction.
Max TurnerMax Turner is a science teacher and an author of young adult urban fantasy. His debut novel, Night Runner, was short-listed for a Sunburst and was a Red Maple Honour book. The sequel, End of Days, was short-listed for an Ottawa Book Award. He is currently writing a science fiction, horror crossover and exploring the roots of dystopian and Gothic literature.
Raised in Ottawa, Tamara Vardomskaya is a Ph.D candidate in linguistics at the University of Chicago, with a B.A. in math and linguistics from the University of Ottawa and a sojourn working in electricity trading risk management. She is a Clarion 2014 graduate and her stories have been published at, GigaNotoSaurus and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. She also writes for the Aurora-nominated fanzine Ecdysis. Twitter: @vardo_t
Una VerdandiUna Verdandi is a Toronto-based author, editor, and artist. She is fascinated with the infinite complexities of human nature and how we fall prey to hubris, hamartia, and akrasia, thus destroying the very things we desperately seek. As you can probably guess, happy endings just aren’t her thing. Her first novel, Black Wolf: The Binding of Loki, will be published in 2017. Twitter: @UnaVerdandi
Helena Verdier is a twenty something aspiring author. She spends her days at Carleton University studying linguistics and discourse studies and the rest of the day plotting out her next novel idea. Every November you can find her all across the city hosting and attending write-in’s as part of National Novel Writing Month, where she and three friends spends the month corralling the plot bunnies and being an awesome Municipal Liason for the Ottawa region.
Maaja WentzMaaja Wentz’s work appears in The Urban Green Man Anthology, Amprosia Anthology, and the upcoming Phoenix Anthology. “You” won a prize in the national Norma Epstein Foundation competition for Creative Writing. “When Johnny Mars Turns Five,” was a finalist in the Science Fiction Poetry Association contest. Maaja’s novel, Feeding Frenzy, is a paranormal thriller about our obsession with food. #11 in mystery/thriller on Wattpad, it won a Watty Award. Twitter:@maajawentz
Liz Westbrook-Trenholm has published or aired radio journalism, short fiction and comedic scripts with sci-fi sprinkled throughout. Recent short stories are in Neo-Opsis and Bundoran Press’ Aurora-nominated “Second Contacts” anthology.
Gregory-A.-WilsonGregory A. Wilson is Professor of English at St. John’s University, where he teaches creative writing, fantasy fiction, and other literature courses. His second novel, Icarus, was published as a graphic novel in May, and The Ed Greenwood Group will publish his novel Grayshade in September. He has short stories in various anthologies, runs a popular Twitch channel focusing on story and narrative, and co-hosts the critically-acclaimed podcast Speculate. He lives with his family in Riverdale, NY. Twitter:@gregoryawilson
Angeline WoonAngeline Woon is a Malaysian in Ottawa. She edited Flesh, a Southeast Asian urban anthology. Recent and upcoming publications include short stories in Cyberpunk: Malaysia, the 2016 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Little Basket: New Malaysian Writing 2016 and Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth and Monster Stories. Her work has been performed in theatres, broadcast on radio, and adapted for the Dark Triptych short film trilogy. Visit her site at
Pippa WysongPippa Wysong is an award-winning science, technology and medical journalist who writes for everyone from specialty physicians to teens and 8-year old kids. She’s written for The Globe&Mail, Scientific American, The Medical Post, Medscape/WebMD, Hakai, VICE, and more. Twitter: @askpippa
Melissa Yuan-InnesMelissa Yuan-Innes writes fantasy and science fiction, including her novels Wolf Ice and High School Hit List. to escape from her cool work as an emergency doctor. Her short stories appear in Nature, Tesseracts 16, Fireside Magazine, Where The Stars Rise, The Playground of Lost Toys, and the Aurora-winning anthology The Dragon and the Stars. Since no one can pronounce her name, Melissa also writes mysteries under the pseudonym Melissa Yi, for which she was shortlisted for the Derringer Award. Twitter: @dr_sassy

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