The Friday afternoon before Can-Con is workshop time!  Space is limited and the price is right, so make sure to sign up quickly to these workshops!

Noon to 2:00 PM

Creating Underwater Worlds for Science Fiction and Fantasy

Are you writing science fiction or fantasy? Have you thought of the metaphors, cultures and themes you could explore with an underwater civilization? It’s a romantic, evocative and dangerous setting, but you can’t get the basics of underwater wrong. What thrives underwater and why and how? Join limnologist/ecologist Nina Munteanu to explore some of the major relationships and adaptations in aquatic ecosystems and how to effectively incorporate them into a science fiction or fantasy setting. The 2-hour workshop introduces how aquatic ecosystems work: from energy cycles to how organisms adapt to live and reproduce such as oxygen, light, food and shelter. We’ll explore kinds of and reasons for bizarre adaptations: from the bdelloid rotifers (tiny invertebrates) who reproduce according to environment and can survive total desiccation (called anhydrobiosis) to extremophiles like the brine shrimp of endorheic lakes, adapted to thrive with extreme salt and ammonia. Imagine how original your speculative fiction can get!

Get Plot!

You’ve great characters and a fascinating world, but where’s your plot? Plot provides the framework and motivation for your story, so if it stumbles? So will you. (Not to mention your readers.)

Join former Guest of Honour Julie Czerneda, author of over a dozen science fiction and fantasy novels for DAW Books, for a workshop all about keeping your writerly feet under you. From creating plot, to controlling it, gain the confidence and tools to tell the story you intend.

2:30 to 4:30 PM

Mythic Worlds

In this workshop with Derek Newman-Stille, you will explore a traditional myth and then shift it for a modern audience. You will get the chance to consider questions like: What changes in the story? How do we make a myth relevant to modern pre-occupations, ideas, and issues? What needs to change? What can stay the same? How do we add substance to the characters? This is our chance to make the mythic part of our world. You will get a chance to explore existing myths and adapt and shift them into new imaginary worlds.

4:00 to 6:00 PM

Space Technology 101 and How to Research It

Accurate space technology is a staple of the most sought-after science fiction. Aerospace engineers Eric Choi and Gillian Clinton will do a workshop on putting accurate space technology in SF, including a very basic overview of how real spacecraft work. They will also cover how non-scientists can do science-related research. Then, they will open up for questions about space technology, providing feedback and suggesting structure for your story ideas. The questions and answers period with two engineers in the space field is the most valuable part of this workshop, so have your questions ready! Gillian is an engineer and information researcher. Eric’s hard SF has appeared in Analog and he has co-edited SF anthologies, and he is Can-Con 2016’s Science Guest of Honour.


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