Weapons Policy

To ensure the safety of all those attending the convention, CAN•CON maintains a weapons policy. These policies are enforced at all times. Anyone who would like to question this policy should speak directly to the Operations Director.

NO WEAPONS, or anything that can be mistaken for one, may be carried either openly or concealed at any time in convention space. If you have anything you would like to carry with you that you feel may come into conflict with these rules, it probably is. If you are uncertain, contact the Operations Director in advance.

NOTE: Items such as switchblades, handguns, brass knuckles, and Bali-song (butterfly) knives which may be legal to own and carry in some States, are illegal in Canada. Kindly leave them home.

No firearms, real or replica, are to be carried, openly or concealed. This includes BB or pellet guns, cap guns, airsoft weapons, water guns, or any other item, which bears any resemblance to any firearm, modern or antique. Squirt guns may NOT be employed within the interior of the hotel. Legally owned replicas and props can be used during photo-shoots but please consult the Operations Director in advance.

The designation “security-approved” will be given to individual items at the sole discretion of the Operations Director or a chosen senior Staff member. This designation may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Operations Director if the item is being used or brandished in an inappropriate fashion or if complaints are received regarding its display. If any item has not been pre-approved by the Operations Director prior to convention, it will not be allowed.

All approved items being carried or used will require a part to be kept with the user at all times at the convention, to be shown upon request of any staff or security members. In the event that the user does not have the prop with him, the attendee will require to be escorted to Ops for verification. If repeated offenses are noted, measures will be taken that may include a warning up to expulsion.

The weapons listed above are not meant to constitute an exhaustive list of those items which are not to be carried at CAN•CON. Brandishing any weapon, real or replica, is not permissible. Brandishing is defined as the display of an item for the purpose of real or implied threat, or any act that may cause anyone to believe that the intent was there, real or implied. The intent is irrelevant under the law, and the brandishing of any weapon may be treated as an assault upon another person.

Anyone found to be carrying, brandishing, or to have in their possession, any weapon/firearm at any location associated with the con, without previous arrangements, may be immediately expelled and the offender may be reported to the local authorities.

Note: Borrowed from What The Fur‘s Convention policies.

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