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Want to Pitch Your Novel to Agent Guest of Honour Kim-Mei Kirtland?

Kim-Mei Kirtland, a literary agent from the Howard Morhaim Agency in New York will be setting time aside from her busy paneling schedule at Can*Con 2017 to receive two to three hours of pitches from novelists looking for an agent. That’s enough time for 8-12 pitches! 🙂

What does she like?

Kim-Mei Kirtland is a lifelong reader of science fiction and fantasy, particularly hard science fiction in the vein of Greg Egan and Peter Watts. She is actively looking for fiction in those genres, as well as literary fiction and serious nonfiction, particularly in the areas of history, biography, business, and economics.

So, how are we going to be fair about filling these 8-12 pitch slots among the many dozens of writers who will want to pitch to her?

First, reread Kim-Mei’s guidelines. If you think you would be an amazing fit for her literary taste, please do the following:

  1. Send an email to can.spec.lit @ by midnight on October 1st, 2017;

  2. Use the subject line “Request for Agent Pitch”;

  3. Attach your query letter in .doc or .rtf;

  4. Attach a one-page synopsis in .doc or .rtf; and,

  5. Attach the first ten pages in standard manuscript format as a .doc or .rtf.*

A tiny committee of writers who already have agents will go through the dozens of pitches and schedule the 8 strongest submissions for pitch meetings with Kim-Mei at Can*Con.


Q: Do I have to be registered for the convention?

A: Yes. Pitch sessions are only for registered attendees. Not registered yet? Go here: If you used a different name to register than for your email/submission, please let us know in your email so we can easily confirm that you have registered.

Q: What happens if I’m not a good fit for Kim-Mei?

A: Just say hi to her at one of the receptions and ask any general questions about agents that you might have (she’s okay with that!) Or sign up for her Kaffeeklatsch. Or attend her panels. Knowing what you write is really important. Start to find out who the agents are for the authors who most closely match your genre/style/etc. Contact those agents!

Q: What if I’m a perfect fit for Kim-Mei but my novel isn’t perfect yet?

A: You could meet Kim-Mei in the normal course of the receptions and kaffeeklatsches and panels and let her know that you’d like to send her a novel in 6 months and ask if you could have her business card. Then, polish your novel to perfection, get other writers to tell you how to improve it even more. Then polish it some more, and send it in 6 months, mentioning that you met at Can*Con!

Q: What if I’m a nervous wreck and hyperventilating about meeting an agent?

A: Deep breaths. She’s super nice.

*Note: Can*Con will strictly respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your submission. We will review it only for the purposes described above, and all electronic records of your submission will be deleted shortly after Can*Con.

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