Want to Pitch Your Novel to DAW Books?

Deadline to request a pitch session has passed.

Hugo Award winning Editor Guest of Honour Sheila Gilbert will be setting time aside from her busy panel schedule at Can*Con 2017 to receive four to five pitches from novelists who think they would be a great fit for DAW Books! DAW Books is one of the major SFF publishers in the world and so this is a great opportunity for a few writers with a track record of publishing success.

What kinds of novels does Sheila acquire for DAW Books?

The best way to know Sheila’s literary tastes is to look at authors she publishes, many of whom will be at Can*Con! If you are seriously interested in DAW Books now or in the future, you should read the books of Tanya Huff, Julie Czerneda, Fiona Patton, Violette Malan, Kari Sperring, Michelle Sagara, Ed Willet, Gerald Brandt, and David Bara. And say hi to them at Can*Con!

How are we going to be fair about filling these 4-5 pitch slots among the many dozens of writers who will want to pitch to DAW Books?

Please do the following:

  1. Send an email to can.spec.lit @ gmail.com by midnight on October 1st, 2017;

  2. Use the subject line “Request for DAW Books Pitch”;

  3. Attach your query letter in .doc or .rtf;

  4. Attach a one-page synopsis in .doc or .rtf; and,

  5. Attach the first ten pages in standard manuscript format as a .doc or .rtf.*

A tiny committee of writers who already have professional publishers will go through the dozens of pitches and schedule the 4-5 strongest submissions for pitch meetings with Sheila at Can*Con.


Q: Do I have to be registered for the convention?

A: Yes. Pitch sessions are only for registered attendees. Not registered yet? Go here: http://can-con.org/registration/. If you used a different name to register than for your email/submission, please let us know in your email so we can easily confirm that you have registered.

Q: What happens if I’m not a good fit for DAW Books?

A: Still say hi to Sheila’s authors and ask any general industry or creative questions you might have. Knowing what you write and how it fits in the publishing world is really important. Start to find out who publishes the kinds of books you write and submit to those publishers (or target agents if those publishers take only agented submissions).

Q: What if I’m a perfect fit for DAW Books but my novel isn’t perfect yet?

A: You could meet Sheila in the normal course of the receptions and kaffeeklatsches and panels and let her know that you’d like to send her a novel in 6 months and ask if you could have her business card. Then, polish your novel to perfection, get other writers to tell you how to improve it even more. Then polish it some more, and send it in 6 months, mentioning that you met at Can*Con!

*Note: Can*Con will strictly respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your submission. We will review it only for the purposes described above, and all electronic records of your submission will be deleted shortly after Can*Con.

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