Announcing Can-Con 2016!

Welcome to Can*Con 2016, Ottawa’s Aurora-nominated Literary Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference. We’ve just launched into high gear with a series of announcements coming up.

First of all, Can*Con 2016 will run on the 9th – 11th of September, in downtown Ottawa at the stunningly beautiful Novotel, one block from Ottawa’s historic Market, the Rideau Center, the Canal and public transit. You can book your rooms online or by calling 613.230.3033 and mention Can-Con for our special rate!

Secondly, Marie Bilodeau is taking on more responsibility on the Can*Con team as the Co-Chair, Corporate, while Derek Künsken will focus on programming as Co-Chair, Programming. This is going to be an all-star, if wacky team. If you’d like to volunteer, please write to

Thirdly, we will be making a series of guest announcements in the next weeks and months so stay tuned to this website, the Can*Con Facebook page and the @CanConSF twitter feed. The programming team will be confirming panelists and sending out information on what to get ready for.

Lastly, the Can*Con Co-Chairs, special guests and volunteers will be promoting the conference in a number of places in the coming months, so if you’re at any of the following, say hi: ChiSeries in Ottawa, Ad Astra in Toronto, Boréal in Mont-Laurier, the Nebula Conference in Chicago, Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston, and When Worlds Collide in Calgary.

This year is going to be even better than last and we can’t wait to make our announcements!


Derek Künsken                                        Marie Bilodeau
Co-Chair, Programming                        Co-Chair, Corporate

Ps: Sixthly, the program Easter eggs were so popular last year that we’ve added some into our website. Some people call them “typos,” but not us. We call them Easter eggs.

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