Want to help Can*Con? We need volunteers to fill a number of roles, both during the convention and prior to it. Read the role descriptions, then please fill in the form to express your interest in volunteering.

Pre-Convention Roles

Postering: Print and put up posters in your neighbourhood (or beyond). Targets: coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, campuses, etc.

Signage: Make signs for use at the convention. Warning: Will involve use of glitter.

Set-up: Help in the set-up of the convention, panel rooms, con suite, exhibitors’ room, etc. on Friday, October 13.

During Convention Roles

Registration Desk: Help people register for the con and sign in (pre-registration, registration at the door). Answer questions about membership fees, direct attendees to panel rooms, general questions about the convention. Reports to the onsite coordinator.

First Aid: Be on call at the convention in case of emergencies. Must have up to date first aid training and a cell phone. Your number will be provided to the volunteer coordinator and convention planning committee to reach you during your on-call shift.

Doomsayer: Pop in to panels to give 5 minute warning and again when panel ends (10 minutes to the hour) so panelists and attendees can make it to the next panel on time.

Runner: Run small errands, relay messages, guide attendees, etc., as needed by volunteer coordinator and planning committee. May be asked to provide assistance to registration staff.

Driver: Drive special guests (pick up or return to airport) or pick up supplies. Requires a vehicle and license.

Hauler: Lift and carry at times heavy things such as helping publishers set up in exhibitors’ room or for parties.

Blue Pencil, Pitch Session, etc Herder: Keep flow of participants moving, smoothly, and make sure sessions aren’t interrupted

Con Suite: Hang out in the con suite and keep things tidy, snacks filed, coffee flowing, etc., aiding Con Suite manager.

Tear Down: Stick around at the end of the convention and help clean and pack up registration, exhibitors’ room, con suite, panel rooms, etc.


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